How to setup SSH keys

SSH has a great feature. It allows you to setup a private and public key pair with which you can SSH into the server without requiring a password. There are various reasons why you should want that. For example, you might be lazy (and you don't like typing it in). Another possibility is that you may want to have scripts which automatically login into the server (and fetch or place data). Setting it up is easy.

On Google's PageRank

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Anyone who runs a website knows that a successful site has to have a high Google PageRank. Unfortunately, though, Google updates their publicly available PRs only every a few months. Moreover, the PR is only given in discrete increments, so it is hard to know whether a site improved if the actual increase is less than a PR point on average. Given that I am curious about the PR of my site, I thought I should do something. And I did, the bottom line of which is a calculator to estimate the PageRank of any site you wish.

Why do I hate Microsoft?

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No, I don't hate Bill Gates. He is doing what everyone would do in a similar situation. Could I hate a man I envy? What I do hate is Microsoft products which aim at the lowest common denominator, the fact that Microsoft is deliberately ruining the software industry, and that most windowers don't realize it and are happy with Microsoft's mediocracy.